The Grand Tour (70)

The Grand Tour
70 miles – 4,800’ Climbing

One of the most challenging stages on the mountain, especially at elevation!  This stage will begin with a group start in “The Village” at Big Bear Lake.  The group will be lead out of the Village and head west toward the dam and over the newly completed bridge spanning Bear Creek Canyon.  The stage then heads further west across “Arctic Circle”, with spectacular scenery that will make you think you are riding in Switzerland, and down to the Snow Valley Ski Area turnaround.  The stage heads back east across the Arctic Circle, North Shore of Big Bear Lake and around Baldwin Lake at the east end of Big Bear Valley.  Then the fun begins . . .  heading up the long steady grade (6 miles +) to what the locals call “going to church” up Highway 38 and over the top of “Onyx Summit” – the highest state highway in Southern California and one of the highest in the State of California – 8,443 feet!  Good news is that what goes up must come down and that will be your reward for an otherwise difficult climb.

Just when you thought you were done with the climbing  . . .  as you head back west toward town, you will again begin climbing with two much shorter, yet steady heart pumping climbs.  A little downhill and then more climbing up and around the Bear Mountain Golf Course, Bear Mountain Ski Resort and the Moonridge Animal Park, one of two alpine zoos in the United States.  You will then finish the ride with a ride through beautiful Eagle Point, the “Cycling Home Tour” area of Big Bear Lake and then finish back to The Village.