The CLIMB (107)

107 miles – 9,000’ Climbing

Southern California’s most challenging century, this course will duplicate The Grand Tour route over the new bridge, across the Arctic Circle to Snow Valley, back across the Arctic Circle, across the North Shore of Big Bear Lake and Baldwin Lake, up and over Onyx Summit, and then will extend down the backside of Sugarloaf Mountain into the spectacular Santa Ana River Canyon down to the small mountain town of Angelus Oaks.  What goes down, must go up . . . the route turns around in Angelus Oaks and then loops into the San Gorgonio Wilderness and Jenks Lake area.  The return to Onyx Summit will test the most seasoned climbers before re-entering the Big Bear Valley and continuing toward the finish line.  Just when you think the climbing journey is over, its back up into the hills as you climb to upper Moonridge with the last short ascent up at 15% grade at mile 102!!!