Route Description

Route Descriptions

Cycling enthusiasts will enjoy a spectacular mountain ride in cool mountain air during the blazing heat of summer!  Outstanding signage with law enforcement at all major intersections.  With the thin mountain air, you will enjoy LEGENDARY AID STATIONS for hydration and refueling.  Feeling competitive?  70, 107 and 125 HC milers automatically entered into “King/Queen of the Mountain” with 7 mile climb to the top of Onyx Summit for cash and prizes.
Whether you select the 25, 50, 70, 107 or 125 HC routes, you will be treated to some of the most spectacular cycling scenery in Southern California!


Tour de Big Bear
25 miles – 1,368’Climbing

Big Bear Valley Tour
50 miles – 3,012’Climbing

The Grand Tour
70 miles – 4,800’ Climbing

The Climb
107 miles – 9,000 Climbing

HC Gran Fondo
125 miles – 12,000’ Climbing

A word of caution . . . . When preparing to select your ride, remember you will be riding at between 7,000 – 8,500 feet of elevation!  “The air is much thinner up here” is often heard by our visitors just walking around town!  Avoid heatstroke, sunstroke, dehydration and even cardiac arrest by letting your body acclimate to the high elevation and do not push yourself too hard!  A “normal ride distance” for you at sea level will be close to the equivalent of double that same distance at our high altitude and dry desert climate!! Those interested in riding THE CLIMB, but have not yet done so,we suggest you consider testing your skills first on the 70 mile stage to see how your body and fitness react. The Climb is very difficult century with over 25 miles of climbing at or above 7000’.  Unless you are an extremely experienced century rider, this ride is NOT for you!

Listed above are descriptions of the different rides from which you can choose to spend a couple of hours or the entire day, all in the beautiful, cool mountain environment above the summer heat and smog of the City: